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A recent letter from a high school counselor:

"When I tell a student that their APEX class has been paid by Mothers Trust, or that you've approved them for a clothing voucher to get coats, shoes, and other basic needs, their faces light up and I see 'hope' in their eyes.

One of the young ladies that you helped was in my office today and brought the voucher you provided for her family. Her eyes filled with tears, and she smiled for the first time. Her expression said it all - THANK YOU.

Your foundation has provided more than a service to our school. You have provided opportunities for our families that they never had. In doing so, it's instilled HOPE in all of us.

I just want you to know how thankful I am for Mothers Trust."

Please help us share the gift of hope with the children and families who need us most.



Friday, October 24, 2014 7 pm
Calvin Durand Room, Lake Forest College, 555 N. Sheridan Rd.
Friday, June 13, 2014
Lake Bluff Golf Club

Welcome to Mothers Trust!

Mothers Trust Foundation is a non-profit organization supporting social service providers by offering assistance to children in need in Lake County, Illinois. We make benefits and opportunities available which cannot be obtained from other sources. Our goal is to assist disadvantaged children in trouble or crisis, raise awareness of children's needs, link needs with community resources and provide opportunities for volunteers to be involved.

A Mothers Trust Service Meeting is held every Wednesday at 9:30 in room 203 at the Gorton Community Center. Cases submitted during the previous week are reviewed and grants are made.

Since 1998, we have granted nearly $1,700,000 to help over 20,000 disadvantaged children throughout Lake County to stay warm, receive an education, graduate on time, sleep in their own bed, and know they are valued.